• Click on the link below to download the LastPass MFA app in iOS app or Android app. You may also find these links in your registration email.
NoPassword download google play NoPassword download app store
  • You will receive an activation email. Open the email and click on the “Activate LastPass MFA” button.
    Please contact your admin if you didn’t receive the activation email.

LastPass MFA activation Email


You may open the registration email and continue the registration on your phone or on your computer.

On computer


A. If you open the registration email on your computer, open the LastPass MFA app and scan the QR code with the app.

Scan QR code


B. If you open the registration email on your phone, tap on “Pair This Phone“. You will be redirected to LastPass MFA app and your account will be added automatically. 

Pair this phone


  • Once the phone is paired, continue the activation on the LastPass MFA app by allowing Notification, Location Service, and Bluetooth.



  •  Set up your biometrics, next.

Please allow LastPass to access your phone’s camera and mic.


For the initial launch of LastPass MFA, the biometric factors supported will include FaceID, fingerprint, and pattern. Additional biometric factors will be supported soon.

  • Start with fingerprint authentication.

If you haven’t already set up Touch ID on your iPhone, click here for the instructions.
For Android users, set up your fingerprint authentication by following these steps: Setting > Personal tab > Lock screen and security > Fingerprints

After you set up your fingerprint, go ahead and test it.

Touch ID


  • If you have iPhone X or higher, you need to set up your FaceID instead.
    Similarly, if your android phone is equipped with face recognition, you can use face recognition on your LastPass MFA. Setup face recognition on your Android phone by following these steps: Setting > Security > Face Recognition > Continue.

  • Go ahead and test your FaceID.

Test Face ID


  • Finally, set up your pattern. Choose a pattern by swiping your finger between at least 4 dots. Please enter your pattern 3 times. Once you are done, test your pattern authentication.

Set up pattern


  • Congratulation! Your registration is complete and your LastPass MFA app is ready to use.

Finish Registration


  • Go to an app or service that requires the use of LastPass MFA and enter your login credentials and continue. 


  • You will receive a notification on your phone. Clicking on the notification will direct you to LastPass MFA app on your phone. If you haven’t received the notification, simply open the app on your phone and click on the refresh icon.

Please make sure that you have allowed LastPass app to send you notifications.


  • The app presents your authentication request information including date, time, login page, your computer and browser, and the username. Review the information and accept the request.


  • Next, you will be asked to enter your biometric. Please enter your fingerprint, pattern, face recognition when prompted.
  • After you’ve successfully authenticated,  you’ll gain access to your account.