Prerequisite: Installing LastPass Universal Proxy
Universal Proxy Installation
Universal Proxy Installation for Windows

  • Log into SonicWall administration portal. 
  • Go to Manage > Authentication > Users > Settings. On the Authentication tab change the User authentication method to “LDAP” and click the “CONFIGURE LDAP” button. 

SonicWall Configuration 1


  • A new window will appear. Set the Name or IP address field with your LastPass Universal Proxy hostname or IP address. Set the port, and the Server timeout to 60 seconds.

SonicWall Config 2


  • Open the Login/Bind tab and provide a user credentials with enough permissions to search for users on the LDAP directory. This user must be the same that was provided during the Universal Proxy installation. 

SonicWall Config 3


  • Click on the Schema tab and select you LDAP schema. 


  • Open the Directory tab, click the “AUTO-CONFIGURE” button and verify that directory trees containing users and groups are correct. “Save” the changes.

SonicWall Config 5 

  • On the users settings screen click on the “CONFIGURE LDAP” button again and the open the Users & Groups tab. Set the default LDAP Users Group. 

SonicWall Config 6

  • Add the default LDAP users group to the SSL VPN Services group. Go to Manage > Users > Local Users & Groups. The open the Local Groups tab, edit the SSL VPN Services group and add the default LDAP users group as a member. 

SonicWall Config 7


Congratulations! MFA login to SonicWall VPN is ready to use.