Select “Users” on the left side menu and then choose “Roles” from the submenu.



Click on the blue “+Add Role” button to add a new role.

Add Role


The Assign User window will appear. You can assign users or groups by searching for users and then clicking on “save“.

Assign users to role


Edit a role by clicking on the edit icon.

Edit roles


Delete a role by clicking on the trash icon.

Edit Roles 2


Select a role and click on the blue assign icon to assign or unassign users to that role.

Assign users


You can assign new users or groups by clicking on the User or Group tab and selecting the targeted users or groups. Please make sure to “Save” the changes.
Remove all the selected users by clicking on the Selected tab. Click on the “Remove All” button or click on the trash icon and delete a user. 

delete assign users