Please make sure that you already installed and registered your LastPass MFA app. Click here for instructions.

You can always see a short report of your last authentication on your LastPass MFA app.

App authentication report


For more information, contacting support or reporting a bug, click on the information icon on the top left side of the app.

app information


You can change the setting of your app by selecting the setting icon on the top right side of the app.

MFA app setting


You can reset the app and re-register your biometrics on this page.

In order to change your primary method of authentication, simply drag and drop that biometric method to the top of the list.

MFA app setting


To see the details of your recent authentication activities, select “Activities” on the MFA app. 

App Activities


Select “Accounts” to see a list of your linked account(s).

MFA app account


You can add another account by selecting the “+Add Account” button. 

Tap on “Edit” to delete an account or swipe left on a username to delete that account.

Edit accounts


Finally, tap on “Logout” to log out of your current session.

MFA app logout