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Login with LastPass MFA

To login using your MFA app, please go to an app or service that requires the use of LastPass MFA. Enter your credentials and continue. Please make sure that you already have activated your MFA app.  You will receive a notification on your phone. Please follow the notification to the LastPass MFA launch.  If you didn’t receive a notification, please open the…

MFA App Setting

Please make sure that you already installed and registered your LastPass MFA app. Click here for instructions. You can always see a short report of your last authentication on your LastPass MFA app.  For more information, contacting support or reporting a bug, click on the information icon on the top left side of the app.  You can…

MFA App Activation

Click on the link below to download the LastPass MFA app in iOS app or Android app. You may also find these links in your registration email.     You will receive an activation email. Open the email and click on the “Activate LastPass MFA” button. Please contact your admin if you didn’t receive the activation email.

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