Prerequisite: Installing LastPass Universal Proxy
Universal Proxy Installation
Universal Proxy Installation for Windows



  • To add LastPass Universal Proxy server, log into the Check Point SmartDashboard and navigate to Manage > Network Objects > NewNode > Host and add Universal Proxy server. 
  •  Set the Name and the hostname of your LastPass Universal Proxy. Click on “Ok.  

Check point vpn integration 

  •  In the CheckPoint Dashboard navigate to Manage > Servers and OPSEC Applications > New > RADIUS. 
  •  Click on the “General” tab and enter the following information: Name, Host (select the one you configured in step 2), Service, Shared Secret (must be the same on LastPass Universal Proxy), Version and Protocol (only PAP and CHAP modes are supported). 

Checkpoint VPN 2


  •  Click “OK” to save and close the window. 
  •  To create a new external user profile navigate to Manage > Users and Administrators > New > External User Profile > Match all users. 
  • Enter a description of the new profile in the Comment field. 
  • Change the Authentication Scheme to “RADIUS” and select the server you created earlier on the Authentication page. 


  • Click “OK” to save and close the window. 
  • To update Mobile Policy navigate to Mobile Access > Policy. 
  •  Double-click the group configured in your application access rule to open the group properties window. 
  • Add the new external user profile created earlier to the group’s selected members. 


  • Click “OK” and save the changes to the group’s properties. 
  • Navigate to Mobile Access > Authentication and double-click your gateway. 
  • Select RADIUS as the Authentication Method and pick the RADIUS server you created earlier. 


  •  In the CheckPoint SmartDashboard navigate to Policy > Install. With your security gateway device selected, click the “OK” button to apply the changes. 


If you have timeout problem during the authentication process, please go to Global Properties > SmartDashboard Customization > Configure> Firewall-1 > Authentication > RADIUS: and change the “radius_retrant_timeout” value to “60 and hit “OK. If needed repeat the steps and apply changes to CheckPoint. 

The CheckPoint is now configured! Please see the Assign Users page for instructions on assigning users to CheckPoint.