Select “Users” from the left side menu and then click on “Groups”.

manage groups


Add a new group by clicking on the blue “+Add Group” button.

If you add users with directory sync, groups will be synced from the directory to SSO&MFA dashboard.Add group


Add group window will appear. Enter the group name and “save“.

Add group 2


You can edit the group name by clicking on the edit icon. You can also “Remove” the group by clicking on the red trash icon.

Edit groups


You can Assign/Unassign users to a group, by selecting the group and then clicking on the blue assign icon.

Assign users to groups


The Assign Members window will appear. Assign users to the group by searching for users and selecting the user from the list. “Save” the changes.

Add uesrs to a group


You can remove selected users from the group by clicking on the trash icon or selecting “Remove All” button. “Save” when you are done.

Delete assigned groups


Editing users and groups are available on both password management and SSO&MFA dashboards. Any updates made on either side will be synced. Deleting a group in any of the dashboards will be reflected on the other.