Select “Policy” from the left side menu and click on “Authentication” from the submenu.

Authentication Policy


Admins have the option to turn off an authentication method or enable multiple methods and allow users to choose their primary authentication method. 


Authorized authentication methods can be different based on users’ devices (iOS and Android) or click on “The same as iOS policies” to automatically set the same policies for both iOS and Android.

Same authentication policy


Set up the authentication methods available for Secondary Authentication, Step Up Authentication, and Complementary Authentication.

Next, set up Authentication Limitations such as the number of attempts and lock time after fail authentication.

Secondary authentication


Please keep in mind that these authentication policies will be automatically assigned to all users in your organization. To assign custom authentication policies to users or groups, click on the blue “Add Custom Authentication Policy” button.

Custom Authentication Policy


Adjust the authentication policies as needed, set a “Policy Name” and “Save“.

Add custom auth policy


Click on the “Assign/Unassign” button to assign the authentication policy to users.

Assign authentication policy