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Authentication Policies

Select “Policy” from the left side menu and click on “Authentication” from the submenu.  Admins have the option to turn off an authentication method or enable multiple methods and allow users to choose their primary authentication method.   Authorized authentication methods can be different based on users’ devices (iOS and Android) or click on “The same as iOS policies”…

Access Policy Management

Once you set up Geofencing and IP Policies, you can manage these policies and assign access to these policies through the “Access” tab. Click on “Policy” on the left side menu and select “Access” from the submenu.  You can create new policies by clicking on the “+New Policy”.  Set up the policy as you need and “Save”. If you…

IP Policy

To manage access policies based on IP addresses, please select “Policy” from the left side menu and the click on “IP”.  Create Whitelisted IP Range Click on the green “+Create Whitelisted IP Range” button.   Add the “IP Addresses” and “Tag Name” and click on “Add”.  For copying your IP, click on the…


To create a geofencing policy, click on “Policy” on the left side menu and then select “Geofencing” from the submenu.  Create Safe Green Zone Geofencing Policy Click on the “+Create Green Area” button.  Add a new Green Zone by entering an address in the search box. You may name the policy by entering a name in “Tag Name” box.

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