To view the admin audit page, select “Reports” from the left side menu. Click on “Overview” to get a short report.

LastPass report


SSO&MFA reports and audits are separate from password management reports.

Click on “Reports” and then select “Admin” to view the admin audits. You can see all actions performed by admins, with times and descriptions. For viewing the last update, you can simply search the admin name in the search box.

You can download any report by clicking on the blue download icon.

Admin Audit


You can filter the audit information based on Time, Admins, and Description.

Admin audit filter


To view the user audit page, click on “Report” from the left side menu then select “User” from the same menu. You can view all actions based on Time, Occurrence, and Type.

User Audit


Similarly, click on “App” on the left side submenu to view application audit page. You can view all actions based on Time.

App Audit


In order to view the notification page, click on “Notification”. You can see all the filters performed by Time and Notification type. For viewing the pending notification, check the pending notification box.

Notification Audit


Click on “SAML” on the left side submenu for SAML audit events page. You can view all actions based on Time.

SAML Audit