• Select “Applications” from the left side menu to open the Application Management page. Then select “Web App” from the submenu.
LastPass Web Applications


  • Click on “+ Add SSO App” button from the upper right corner.

Add SSO application


  • A pop-up window will appear. Under the section: “Select your app”, click on “Search…” and select the app from the drop-down menu.

SSO App Catalog


If your app is not in the catalog yet, click on the “Custom” tab and enter the application name.

Custom SSO app


You can copy the setting of a another application by clicking on the “Copy” tab and selecting that app from the drop-down menu.

Copy SSO app


  • The configuration dialog will appear next. Or, you can expand the “Identity Provider” section to continue. You will find the required information such as “Entity ID”, “SSO End Point”, and “Logout URL” in this section. You can also download the LastPass Metadata xml or Certificate file to your computer by clicking on the download arrow button next to “Metadata” or “Certificate”.


Click on the “Read step by step guidelines here” hyperlink to view the detailed instructions for any specific app. 

If you added a custom app, you need to click on “Service Provider” tab and provide “ACS” information before saving. You can get the ACS data from the service provider metadata or website.SSO Service Provider
Expand the “Advanced Setup” section. This section offers the option to make additional customizations, such as changing users’ login Identifier.
Edit SSO Apps Identifier


You can also turn on “Step Up Authentication” for the app or change “SAML signature method” if needed.

Edit SSO Step Up Authentication


Edit SSO Apps
You can edit an app setup by selecting that app from the list of existing apps and clicking on the setting button.
Edit SSO App


The setting window will appear. Adjust the settings as needed and “Save” the changes or simply “Delete” the application.

Edit SSO App Setting


You can assign or unassign new users, groups, and roles to an application by clicking on the blue assign button.

Edit SSO App Assign


Then click on User, Group, or Role tab and select the targeted users from the list and save.

Add SSO Assign User

To remove any of the assigned users click on the Selected tab and click on the red delete button or click on the “Remove All” button. 

Add SSO Unassign users